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Cover of a catalogue titled A Lifetime of Collecting: Selection from the Gerdts Collection. Cover illustration is a still life by Peter Baumgras.

54-page illustrated catalogue published to accompany an exhitibion at Godel & Co. (November 2–December 8, 2017) of the collection of the distinguished art historians William H. and Abigail Booth Gerdts. Formed over more than six decades, the collection focused on mid-to-late nineteenth-century American still-life painting. A Lifetime of Collecting was only the second time that such a large selection from the collection was shown publicly. The exhibition told the story of how this treasured personal collection came to be, and celebrated the owners’ discerning connoisseurship and devotion to the study and appreciation of the American still life. The catalogue includes an essay by William H. Gerdts and biographical notes on the artists.

$15.00 postpaid

To purchase, please mail a check to:

Godel & Co., Inc.
P. O. Box 456
Bedford, NY 10506

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